If you are a woman, how many sarees will you try before buying one? — March 17, 2019

If you are a woman, how many sarees will you try before buying one?

There are so many reasons to shop for clothes, especially saree 🙂 .. On an average i will look at 15-20 sarees before choosing one… increase that to 25 atleast if it is a silk saree.

How many would you scour through before choosing the one you like?

What do you want to see in this blog? — March 11, 2019

What do you want to see in this blog?

Hi Everyone, I need your feedback as what do you enjoy reading about the stuff in this site and which ones do you want to see more? I want this site to be not only my way of expressing feminine life but also let the readers enjoy it as well. so please take a moment to provide feedback. thank you all

Please tick as many options as you like. Please note that all options are based on a man changing into a or taking a woman’s role scenarios.

Thank you thank you and thank you again


If you are a woman, which type of husband would you want? — March 10, 2019

If you are a woman, which type of husband would you want?

If you are a woman, Will you take your husband’s name after marriage? — March 4, 2019

If you are a woman, Will you take your husband’s name after marriage?

Traditionally women have taken their new husband’s name after marriage but unfortunately that is no longer the default in this modern world. As much as I love my father and proud of having his name as my surname, I personally would adopt my husband’s name immediately after marriage as I believe it represents a symbol of marriage.

More importantly it represents your love and devotion towards your husband as he is going to be your guardian after marriage. When a woman keeps her surname, it ultimately gets lost in the next generation in many cases, so i would not encourage that.

Once a woman is married she becomes a inseparable part of the husband’s family. can you imagine your family without your mother? No. Now the question arises why should a woman leave her dad’s family ? Because a woman is much more flexible than her male counterpart. she can endure pain and sacrifice for her family and changing her name is merely a small part of it.

Some people may say this is a way of treating woman as property but I tend to think It is like giving a special honor to her to be a part of the family (and create the family too)

All feedback welcome. Any help, support, feedback will be much appreciated. Thank you Women!

Note: No copyright violation intended. The pictures here are intended only to give pleasure to the imagination for all viewers. I will remove the pictures if someone raises an objection through this link here

Do YOU have the Saree-tude? — February 28, 2019

Do YOU have the Saree-tude?

Sareetude is simply wearing saree on a regular basis with a loving attitude. Nothing can ever beat the beauty and elegance of a saree. it is disappointment to see that  not a lot women don it regularly as they wear it only during big family functions or festivals. Also it is saddening to hear that most women think saree as an ‘impractical’, ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘awkward’ option to wear on a daily basis.

As a wannabe woman, I would wear a saree everyday even while sleeping. As a matter of fact, I have worn it regularly and they were absolutely comfortable even while cooking, cleaning and doing other errands around the house. I would not mind a denim skirt or jeans with a cute top occasionally but totally in love with elegant sarees. I have a total sense of pride while wearing a saree especially when I cook and feed my family .

All feedback welcome. Any help, support, feedback will be much appreciated. Thank you Women!

Note: No copyright violation intended. The pictures here are intended only to give pleasure to the imagination for all viewers. I will remove the pictures if someone raises an objection through this link here

Life 2.0 – Part 11 — February 27, 2019

Life 2.0 – Part 11

I was panicking all through the evening until my husband came home around 830 PM. I rushed to the doors and opened it. The moment I saw him, a flurry of emotions washed over me causing me to quickly embrace him and started crying. When he enquired, I told everything about the conversation with Suba and her impending visit next morning.

Hubby was cool and calm hearing and didn’t show any reaction at all. How was he able to remain calm about this? He said he will take care of it and asked me not to worry. I proceeded to get dinner on the table while he went to have a shower. The dinner went quietly as hubby didn’t talk much… not even a comment about the food too. i was slightly disappointed.

He started watching TV as i quietly had my dinner and proceeded to cleanup the dishes and get things ready for next morning. While I was finishing the tasks, I could hear him talking to someone on the phone. Once I did everything, I heated a glass of milk for him and went to the living room. He was not there, i thought he must have gone to bed and yes i was right, he was in the bedroom.

I was eager and anxious to hear from him about how we are going to manage Suba. Once he drank the milk, he said He had already spoken to Suba and told her everything about our secret arrangement as he believed she would anyway find out once she meets me as they were too close to keep secret between us. Also he asked Suba to not come tomorrow and give us some more time to cope up with our situation.

He said moreover it would help me to have her as a friend especially in me adapting women’s life and the anticipated pregnancy. He also mentioned I could trust her and share my feelings with her as that would ease my journey as a woman. while I was shocked that he revealed our secret to an external person, I understood his reasoning and went along with it. I started to feel relaxed and was hoping that when she comes here she does not drill me with awkward questions or think me that I was a gay before. I was a heterosexual man before always and a heterosexual woman now.

meanwhile my hubby was looking at me and smiled. he started kissing me and said,

Darling You have had a quite long and tough day, I’ll be happy to help you relax in the bedroom and make you happy!

I backed up but he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards him. Given the tensions i had throughout the day I never thought I would be ready for sex that night.

Don’t men think about anything but sex?” I giggled. I was truly starting to relax though for the first time in the day.

Instead of pulling out and going to sleep I wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close, telling him how much I loved him and how handsome he was. He increased the kissing intensity a bit more and started massaging me. This was sending a tingle throughout my body. I squeezed my eyes shut as we played tonsil tennis for what seemed like an hour or so. My female body was enjoying it and didn’t want to stop.

I lost myself totally when he cupped my breasts and started massaging them gently. I started gasping a bit heavily and went weak on my knees. my hubby, having been a woman before, exactly knew where to touch, to stimulate my body. What I didn’t expect was that this body becomes so horny and aroused. The next thing I knew was we were both naked and doing intense love making. I didn’t even realize when he undid my skirt, top and the lingerie. One difference with sex as a woman was that it would be so overwhelming waves of pleasure that it totally resets the memories, emotions in your body.

We were so tired by our long and intense love making that I didn’t know when I dozed off to sleep. I had a weird dream where I was 8 months pregnant with a huge belly and wearing a beautiful red saree, getting ready and all pampered  before my baby shower function (valaikaapu). My husband commented that I was looking very pretty and predicted that this time would be a girl considering how glowing my face was! I was beaming to hear that!


I was a bit confused!. why did he mention This time? I thought this was the first baby we are going to have and I would go back to my male self after that. My thoughts were soon interrupted by a crying baby in the near by bed. There was a cute boy baby who was just 1 year old by looks. My motherly instincts suddenly kicked in and i realized it was my baby crying to be fed. I got off my chair as quick as I can with a huge pregnant belly and walked towards my baby boy. I closed the door and lifted him onto my lap and started breastfeeding. I had this indescribable sense of pride gushing through my body while breast feeding my first child and carrying my second one in my tummy. my husband came near me and kissed me on the forehead saying he loves me and our kids. My weak male was feebly questioning me as why I agreed to have another baby as we were supposed to swap back after first child birth. however my stronger female persona prevailed and it reminded me that soon after my first baby was born, I was the one who didn’t agree to swap back and also pestered my husband to have another baby. I seemed to have got pregnant within few months later as soon as my menstrual cycle kicked in.

it was still dark when I woke up. both I and my hubby were totally naked and the clothes were scattered all over the bed due to last night frenetic lovemaking. I remembered the dream I had and somehow felt comfortable with having another baby rather than ushering myself to swap after first child.

Morning Wakeup.jpg

speaking of first child reminded me that my menstrual ovulation is coming in a week and we need to plan for it. I was hoping he would take me somewhere to an outstation nice place where i dont have to worry about anything about my new self.  anyway that is for another chapter. I quietly gathered my clothes and headed for the shower as i had to cook breakfast.  See you soon.


Life 2.0 – Part 10 — February 17, 2019

Life 2.0 – Part 10

it was quickly getting dark in the evening around 6 pm as it was the middle of November month and winter fast approaching. I had a quick shower and changed myself into a colorful broomstick skirt (the only skirt i found in my wardrobe during the decluttering earlier) and cute pink top. it was quite airy and felt very comfortable to walk around. I could feel the swish-swash of the skirt as I walked around and that was a pleasant feeling. I thought I should go shopping sometime soon and get a collection of skirts, sarees, salwars in vivid colors as most of my ex-wife clothes were dull


I started cooking dinner in the kitchen when my phone rang and in anticipation of a call from my husband, i sprinted towards the phone in the hall, and noticed that it was a video call from Subashree, a friend of my wife, or rather a friend of me in this female avatar. This is getting tricky. I have not really interacted or talked much with anyone apart from my husband since the swap. I was feeling worried as if I talk to her, would she find out that I am not who I claim to be. Unsure of what to do, I touched the video icon and answered the call.

Suba: Hi babe, how are you? long time, what is up with you?

Me: I am good Suba, how are you?

Suba: Hey hold on, you never called me Suba, what is this new thing? Wait, is that a skirt you are wearing? I never knew you had a skirt, I can’t believe this.. what happened to you babe? you dont seem to be the old casual chic anymore?

This series of questions really caught off-guard and I was stammering to answer her questions. Quickly tried to compose myself and resumed the conversation.

Me: Nothing like dear, just made few simple changes in life and increased my focus towards my family. I am still the same person that you know.

Suba: what? same person? you are hardly the Tomboy that I know! you seem all lovey-dovey and demure. this is not HOW I know you. seriously what is happening with you? and did you say family? are you already pregnant? didn’t you say you hate going pregnancies and would never have babies? babe, are you alright?

Oh MY GOD! I am really trapped now, I thought my earlier response would silence her but it instigated another flurry of questions from her. I realized she must have been a real close friend to my wife as she even knew my wife’s preference in not having a baby.

I am really rattled now and struggling to answer any of her questions. At the same time, I needed to attend the dishes in the kitchen as food might get burnt very quickly.

Me: Nothing to worry Suba. I am alright. If you dont mind, can we please talk tomorrow sometime as now I have to get back to the kitchen?

Suba: what? Kitchen? are you cooking? I never knew that you could do anything more than keeping the kettle. THIS IS INCREDIBLE.. you are not Anjali, is that someone else inside you? Anyway, look, I called you to let you know that i have reached your town just this morning from Singapore and wanted to meet up with you tomorrow. Given this enormous change, I am really curious to visit your home tomorrow morning and find out whats going on? chat later babe, i will see you soon bye”.

Me: Bye Suba. Take care.

I disconnected the call, feeling a sigh of relief. I should immediately call my husband and ask him how to manage this soon-to-be-tricky situation. I called him on his mobile and it went into a voicemail. I started panicking now. At the same time, there was a bit of smokey smell prompting to rush back to the kitchen to look at the cooking.

If you are a woman, will you wear an high heels? —

If you are a woman, will you wear an high heels?

I love wearing heels but not all the time, I would wear them along with an elegant looking saree or a nice comfy skirt. Even though they are not exactly easy on your feet, I dont mind donning a high heels for occasions such as wedding or a get together or going out for dinner.

Many women’s clothes are designed with heels in mind. The same saree/skirt that looks sharp with a three inch high heels sandals will look a moderate with a flats.

Sure, heels are uncomfortable, but sometimes you need to suffer for looking good. After all beauty comes with pain and a bit discomfort. You can’t look good AND be comfortable at the same time. The benefits of wearing high heels outweigh the pain caused due to them.

I would personally prefer an high heels with max 3 inches height and not any higher. However I am totally in love with this casual looking but cute little wedge slippers (something like below) and wouldn’t mind wearing them all day (even while cooking in the kitchen) as they are super comfy with a soft platform and will cause you less trouble.


All feedback welcome. Any help, support, feedback will be much appreciated. Thank you Women!

Note: No copyright violation intended. The pictures here are intended only to give pleasure to the imagination for all viewers. I will remove the pictures if someone raises an objection through this link here


Life 2.0 – Part 9 — February 16, 2019

Life 2.0 – Part 9

I spent a few hours watching TV and reading books until afternoon and was feeling a bit bored. I called my husband to check if he has had lunch and I was eager to hear his compliments. He seemed to be busy at work when he answered my call and said he had eaten lunch and disconnected the call abruptly saying he will call me later. He didn’t even say anything about the food or even sorry that he could not spend a minute talking to me. I felt disappointed somehow and was hoping that he would call back.

since i had loads of time to kill, i scanned around the house, and thought it needs a bit of de-cluttering and reorganization and I started doing it. strangelt I found doing household chores really satisfying and content. I started getting things ready for dinner and next morning breakfast. I am soaking rice and other ingredients for lentil crepe with a tangy sauce and some salad for easy digestion. I also soaked chickpea for next morning breakfast. I then proceeded to cut the necessary vegetables for dinner and kept them ready.

cutting veg.jpg

It was 3pm and even though i was a bit sleepy, I didnt like to catch a sleep as that would ruin my night sleep. Instead I picked up a book from the shelf and started reading by sitting in the balcony steps.  the book was titled “Gone With the Wind” and was an excellent account of a woman’s fight to survival in a society infested with male dominance.

Miya George in Oru Naal Koothu _1_.jpg

even though i was a man for most of my life and became a woman only since a month or so, I found the book really enlightening and energizing in how the current society puts woman against all odds in every aspect. I read only the first few chapters and reserved the remaining for next day.

I made myself a green tea at 4pm and started sipping it. I checked my phone to see if there any messages or calls from anyone particularly my husband. I was slightly disappointed seeing no messages or calls even though my rational mind wondered why should I feel emotional about it.

Feeling a bit bored I opened Facebook and scrolled through the news feed. after the swap, we exchanged our phones and social media accounts as both of us agreed it was only logical and obvious to do so.  Facebook told me “welcome back” as “I am” logging in after long time.

It prompted me to check my profile picture and update it.  I looked at “my” current profile picture and didn’t really like it.

old prof pic.jpg

even though i wanted to set a picture of me in saree and looking very womanly, i resisted against it as I didn’t want the outside world to get any clue about our secret and also started teasing me about being too feminine. I looked at all “my” photos and tried to choose something which is more elegant and good looking. however most of the photos were the same as “my ex-wife” in this body wore mostly jeans, pants and pyjamas with tops. finally i found one for my liking where “I” was in churidhar during a visit to temple when my parents insisted I wear something conservative and NOT a jeans/t-shirt.

temp prof.jpg

i felt happy changing the profile picture as this is much closer to who i am currently.

As I was scrolling through news feed, I saw many updates from my friends on their life happenings. some were travelling, some getting married and some having babies or celebrating the birthdays of their kids. That reminded me of the objectives of our current plan and to stay focused. we both will have to plan accordingly and get ourselves ready for it. anyway that is for a different chapter


Life 2.0 – Part 8 — February 12, 2019

Life 2.0 – Part 8

While I was cooking breakfast and hubby in the shower, I heard a sound from the vendor lady selling braided flowers, I went to the door and immediately somehow the smell/aroma of those flowers got to me and with her persuasion to make buy me flowers, I got nearly 3 yards of jasmine and hibiscus combined flower and fixed it on my hair. this is going to be a surprise to my hubby considering he never had an affinity towards flowers.

I dont know how to explain it in words. It seems such a satisfaction to serve food to my hubby. He finished shower and dressed up by taking the ironed clothes that i had kept for him. He started eating the tiffin which was idli, chutney and chickpea salad. he immediately appreciated that it was delicious and i am now cooking much better than when i was a male. This compliment really made me proud. I prepared only a simple but protein rich breakfast considering he needs a lot of ‘protein’ to maintain good health.

Life 2.0 Part 81.jpg

Once he finished eating, i offered him water and was about to take his plate off for washing. He refused to give his plate asking me why should I wash his plate as we were only washing our plates individually so far. I replied asking why not as i am his wife and whats wrong in helping him to get ready faster for work. it resulted in argument in which he accused me of getting too much womanly and doing more than what a wife should typically do. he said he is also worried that when we swap back (if we), he will be expected to do the same thing and he is not comfortable with that. I angrily replied we will think about that when we get close to swapping back.

I went on saying I want to be a proper housewife and go the whole nineyards when i am a woman and dont want any half measures. I told him that I am really taking a lot of pride being a wife to him and even showed that i am wearing my thaali (mangalsutra) outside my clothing rather than a typical women who puts it inside their clothes.

Life 2.0 Part 81 - Copy.jpg

I dont know what came over me, I was so angry that I told him I will be the better wife and woman that he never was and never can be. he relented eventually and left the plates on the table and proceeded to wash hands. I had a sense of victory but still angry. collected his plate and other vessels, headed towards kitchen.

He must have sensed that i am upset and he came around to the kitchen and tried hugging me from behind and said “sorry darling, look I didnt want to put too much of housework on you, which is why i resisted like that

Life 2.0 Part 82.jpg

my anger is slowly reducing and i replied “ok, fine, look, after i accepted this swap agreement, i realized that i should not live a male life in this beautiful female body and hence decided to change many things here. here onwards, I want you to stay away of any household responsibilities that includes cooking, cleaning, house maintenance, etc. also I prefer you not coming into kitchen for any reasons apart from hugging me which i loved. Even if you want water, call me I will get it for you. I mean to run this house totally in my control and that starts now, ok?”. He clearly didnt expect this from me and meekly said “Ok’.

It was already 9am by the time we finished all these arguments and new agreements in place, he took his car key and bag, kissed me quickly on the cheeks, forehead and a faint touch on the lips and left for work. I closed the door and quickly helped myself with some breakfast (2 idlis) and the chickpea salad. I was starving since I woke up at 5am and have not really eaten anything except coffee. I finished eating and quickly cleaned most of the dishes and table. Settled down in the couch with a sense of content and happiness in getting my hubby ready for work and sending him off. now time for some well deserved rest.

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